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Learning Modules Offered

Following current Ontario science curriculum guidelines, we've tailored multiple virtual education program modules to fit your classroom's science needs!

Learn more about what we can offer you and your students in the column to the right. ⇨


JK/SK Curriculum

  • Sing-along and discover the parts of an insect, and how they differ from other invertebrates.

  • Includes coloring pages (PDF) for students to color their own insects, and craft kits.


Grades 1 & 2 Curriculum

  • More in-depth insect and invertebrate anatomy lesson.

  • Discover different life cycles between insects and compare these with our own.

  • Includes fill-in-the-blank worksheet and word search (PDF), as well as mealworm kits.


Grades 3 & 4 Curriculum

  • Uncover the importance of invertebrates to the production and overall health of soil.

  • Learn about various insect habitats.

  • Includes a habitat match-'em-up activity and crossword puzzle (PDF), as well as a LIVE worm composting kit for the classroom.


Grades 5 & 6 Curriculum

  • Discover what biodiversity is, and how living things are classified.

  • Introduction to the mechanics of insect flight.

  • Includes instructions to create a "cicada paper flier" craft and crossword puzzle (PDF), as well as boxed insect specimens along with instructions to identify their unique roles.

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