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We can bring our bugs to you!

We are the first insectarium in Canada that has been federally approved to move our exotic insects outside of our secure location. You can have an incredible insect experience on location at your school, venue, or special event.

Our programming includes hands-on learning with a selection of our insects under the guidance of our knowledgeable Bug Wranglers.

Entomica's unique outreach programming has brought us to many schools and community events both  within and outside Sault Ste. Marie. 


Entomica has developed programming to meet Ontario's science and technology curriculum expectations for Grades 1 to 8. 

Click here to see our different learning modules

In-class Learning Program 

We provide an all day learning program that gives each class an opportunity to interact with our insects.  We will set up in the school gymnasium (or another appropriate venue) for the entire school day. Individual classes will visit us through the day and participate in hands-on interaction with our insects while learning grade appropriate information about the insects, their habits and their habitats.

Virtual Learning Program

We've developed a fun, interactive, and informative virtual program that allows you to view and learn about our bugs from anywhere in the world. We use our grade based programming to provide an informative presentation then, introduce you to our Buggy friends and beautiful displays. 


Community Events and Special Events

Entomica can bring our insects to your community event or special event.  We will bring a selection our insects for hands-on interaction with participants at your event.  Our knowledgeable Bug Wranglers will provide interesting facts about each insect and will hope to inspire wonder and fascination with the natural world.  



First class $200+HST

Each additional class $100+HST

All Day Programming (5 class limit): $600+HST (within Sault Ste. Marie Only)

*For areas outside Sault Ste. Marie, additional costs will be required to cover the costs of travel. Please contact us for a quote. 


1 Hour Programming: $125+HST 


Have a question or want to book your outreach event, contact us.

Phone: 705-297-5777


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