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Unique hands-on experiences!

Entomica showcases insects to our visitors and uses their fantastic forms and diversity to provide inspiring and educational experiences. Our immersive exhibits go beyond static displays to create unique hands-on experiences for visitors of every age and background.  With our fully interactive displays and personal interaction, we have created a physical and intellectual space where curiosity for insects and the biological world can be nurtured and thrive. 


Have a question or want to book a tour? Contact us!

Our Programs

Entomica offers events for groups who want the benefits of a private experience but don’t fit into our other categories. Whether you are part of a charity, a health organization, post-secondary institution, or other, we are committed to working with you to create the event that you want! There are different activities for every age group, however, customized activities can be created to meet specific learning objectives. 

Private Tour @ Entomica•FOR GROUPS UP TO 15 PEOPLE     

$150/hour+HST (Mon-Fri, 10-3),  $50 per additional half hour

Private Tour @ Entomica•FOR GROUPS UP TO 25 PEOPLE 

 $200/hour+HST (Mon-Fri, 10-3), $50 per additional half hour  

Private Tour @ Entomica• FOR GROUPS UP TO 35 PEOPLE 

$250/hour+HST (Mon-Fri, 10-3), $50 per additional half hour  


*Bookings for Private Tours After Hours & on Weekends are subject to availability of qualified staff or volunteers.

*Rates are subject to change.*

Please contact us by phone 705-297-5777 or email for more information.

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